Letters from the people behind Wonderfalls:

Bryan Fuller

Dearest You...

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Bryan. I co-created Wonderfalls with Todd Holland. Tim Minear and I were writing partners this year, and creative partners with Todd on the series. I want to thank you. All of you. Any you that's cared enough to log onto www.savewonderfalls.com -- you are the you's I'm thanking. You and your support are an inspiration, the best hug anyone could give Wonderfalls, its cast, writers, directors and everyone involved. I sit here, thoroughly hugged. And in my hugged state, I'd like to blow big, billowy gusts of sunshine up the behinds of Amy M., Amy S., Brian, Regina, Roxy and Selina for this f-ing amazing site.

We've all been campaigning hard and heavy to find Wonderfalls a new home. And all of you you's have been instrumental in that campaign, writing letters, signing petitions, and liberating wax lions everywhere. Your hope has given us hope and garnered a lot of interest from various cable network outlets. Although it's waaaaaaaaaay too early to say for certain, it seems likely that all produced episodes will air, somewhere, sometime. And for that, I am grateful. And after you witness 13 hours of Caroline Dhavernas' emotional rollercoaster as fate's bitch, you'll be grateful, too. Seriously. She's ridiculously good -- you have no idea.

Where does this leave us for future, all-new episodes of TV's Wonderfalls? Only the brass monkey knows for sure and he's not talkin'. Although in all honesty, it seems unlikely, but not impossible. So please, please, please continue writing letters, signing petitions and liberating lions. You are being heard.

sloppy, wet kisses,

Bryan Fuller

Bill Sadler

Hey Guys,

I'm writing to thank you all for your support and efforts to find a new home for 'Wonderfalls'. I love this show, doing it, watching it, everything. It hurt to see it launched and cancelled with so little care after the amazing work of so many talented people over such a long period of time. We invested alot in this show and it's very gratifying to hear that so many of you appreciated it. Please continue your crusade. Nothing would make me happier than to hear that the shows we've already done will air, or that, miracle of miracles, the 'Wonderfalls' family will reunite and continue the journey we began a year ago. I can only echo what Brian has said; your voices are being heard. Please keep up the good work, and thank you.

William Sadler

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