Who we are:

Amy, a.k.a. Cranberry, is a recent journalism school grad who, like Jaye, is overeducated for her current retail job. She is the public face of the site, and is responsible for gathering news and updating the lion page. She also wrote most of the text on the site, compiled our studio contact information (with help from a number of different people and websites), and worked on getting our link out to everyone possible. (Contact CranAmy)

Regina, a.k.a. PuppetOfLove, is taking a break from college (read: slacking, in true gen-y fashion) and is also a disgruntled retail slave. She currently spends her time silently inserting "bitch" after everything she says to customers, and damning the man. She designed the beautiful main graphic and the different navigational animal icons. (Contact Regina)

Selina, a heartbroken Canadian fan, is the only one of us with a "real" job. She offered her professional site design services for free -- she did all of our coding in HTML and flash and came up with the brilliant idea of making our animal icons talk. She also set up and runs the official forums. (Contact Selina)

Brian, a.k.a. The TINY child, is still in junior high school, but is smarter than most college students. He has no job, and therefore has nothing better to do than rise against corporate America and its television stations... and study. He bought the domain and worked with Selina to get this place running perfectly, and also compiled some of the info you see on the site. (Contact Brian)

FoxAmy, a.k.a. Fox1013, is a student at Bryn Mawr and is, as far as we're aware, the first person to have written Wonderfalls fanfic (and it's femslash, to boot). She designed some of the banners and buttons on our monkey page. She also created and maintains the savewonderfalls livejournal community and assisted in the planning stages of this site. (Contact FoxAmy)

Blake generously donated the webspace and software for the forums and helped Selina set them up. His blurb is a work in progress. (Contact Blake)

Roxy donated the webspace for this site and offered moral support (oh, who are we kidding; she laughed at CranAmy and called her a fangirl -- and then she wished us luck). She may not watch Wonderfalls, but this site exists because of her. (Don't contact Roxy! She'll just mock you.)

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