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Show description
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Show description:

Wonderfalls is the story of 24-year-old Jaye Tyler, a sarcastic, apathetic, "overeducated and unemployable" retail clerk at the Wonderfalls Emporium gift shop in Niagara Falls, NY. Jaye's "expectation-free" zone is shattered one day when, out of the blue, inanimate animal objects start talking to her and giving her orders. Jaye soon learns it's impossible to ignore her "muses," and her attempts to decipher and follow their advice lead Jaye, her dysfunctional family, her best friend Mahandra and a cute bartender named Eric into a number of increasingly hilarious and twisted adventures. Although 13 episodes of Wonderfalls have been filmed, only four were aired before FOX pulled the show from its schedule.


Caroline Dhavernas as Jaye Tyler

Tyron Leitso as Eric Gotts

Tracie Thoms as Mahandra McGinty

Lee Pace as Aaron Tyler

Katie Finneran as Sharon Tyler

William Sadler as Darrin Tyler

Diana Scarwid as Karen Tyler

Recurring cast:

Neil Grayston as Alec, a.k.a. "The Mouthbreather"

Scotch Ellis Loring as Dr. Ron Campbell

Kari Matchett as Beth

Gabriel Hogan as Thomas the EPS Guy

Jewel Staite as Heidi Sockett-Gotts

Episode guide:

Coming soon!


Episode 6, Barrel Bear (in .rtf format; should open fine in any word processing program. Donated by Bryan Fuller.)
Episodes 2-5 and 7-12 -- scripts, in html format
Episodes 2-5 and 7-12 -- shooting scripts, in .pdf format (this site also includes the music video and its making-of, deleted scenes from Karma Chameleon, and "Wax Lion" commentary by Todd Holland and Katie Finneran)


"I Wonder Why The Wonder Falls" music video (.wmv file; please save this to your own computer to help us conserve bandwidth!)
Alternate version of the above music video (m1s format)
Star Bio: Caroline Dhavernas (approx. 4 minutes, with show clips)
FOX interview: Caroline Dhavernas (approx. 1 minute; basically a character sketch of Jaye)

Radio Interviews:

Tim Minear on WGN
Tim Minear on KROQ (with a SaveWonderfalls.com mention! Woo! If you want to listen to this, PLEASE right-click and save to your own computer so we don't use up all our bandwidth!)
Radio-Canada interview with Caroline Dhavernas (French)


These are the only two pieces of fanfic we know of. If you've written some, let us know and we'll post a link.

Get Her Words Out by Fox1013
A Carving Knife, Hold the Three Blind Mice Please by Heath07


Snippets from some reviews of Wonderfalls:

TV GUIDE (3/13-19), Matt Roush
"Ironic and romantic, WONDERFALLS is a true original. Surrender to its charms."

PEOPLE (3/22), Terry Kelleher
"The reason to watch WONDERFALLS is Dhavernas. With a star like this, a series doesn't really need a gimmick."

"A-" "...a revelation - a blessing, even.... Each of the four episodes I've seen is better than the one preceding it."

USA TODAY (3/12), Robert Bianco
"WONDERFALLS is such an unexpected treat"

LOS ANGELES TIMES (3/12), Robert Lloyd
"WONDERFALLS is so well done, so fresh and unpredictable, and so little in thrall to conventional virtues as to make the weary reviewer prostrate with joy... everything clicks here"

NEW YORK TIMES (3/12), Virginia Hefferman
"Beautifully shot and written with wit... Dhavernas is delightful."

NEWSDAY (3/12), Noel Holston
"the best pilot of the 2003-2004 season... Dhavernas is a find, a marvelously understated comic actress and her supporting cast is impeccable"

CHICAGO TRIBUNE (3/12), Steve Johnson
"the series looks and feels like nothing else on television... it all remains, almost magically, in balance, a delicate, roadside-attraction wonderland where mysteries of the cosmos, lowbrow popular culture, family dysfunction, longing and, mostly humor can coexist."

"unquestionably the best new drama series of the 2003-04 season... this is your time to love TV"

WASHINGTON POST (3/12), Tom Shales
"WONDERFALLS is wonderful... a prime example of risktaking originality, a brassy blast of fresh air any way you look at it."

BOSTON HERALD (3/12), Amy Amatangelo
"Executive producers Todd Holland, Tim Minear and Bryan Fuller have created a show unlike any other on television."

THE GLOBE AND MAIL (3/12), John Doyle
"WONDERFALLS is the best new drama in ages... Caroline Dhavernas is impeccable"

US WEEKLY - John Griffiths
"The writing is deliriously clever, the plots strangely Zen and uplifting, and Dhavernas is beyond winning as the loser-stamped Jaye. A fun, wild free fall."

POPGURLS (3/12), Allyson A Popgurl
"...get together with some friends, order in some Chinese, watch Wonderfalls at 9pm on FOX this Friday, and then go out to your favorite dive bar and snark with each other. Make it a regular Friday thing. You'll be happier for it."

THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC (4/1), Bill Goodykoontz
"Wonderfalls is the best show of the lot... she [Caroline Dhavernas] brings a realism to a fantastical story that makes it all the better."

THE MIAMI HERALD (3/11), Glenn Garvin
"Like a tourist trap, 'Wonderfalls' will grab you."

THE SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE (3/12), Robert Laurence
"Bright, funny and engagingly offbeat, it deserves a chance to be seen and enjoyed on its own."

THE TORONTO SUN (3/11), Bill Brioux
"The key is Dhavernas... she's the glum glue that holds it all together."

ZAP2IT.COM - John Crook
"In the wonderful "Wonderfalls," the fresh and instantly addictive comedy-fantasy series on Fox is...something greater."

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