Contest Winners

The "Take a Picture!" contest

SaveWonderfalls team member PuppetOfLove narrowed our submissions down to three excellent choices, and Wonderfalls co-creator Todd Holland chose the winner (although we've decided that since we made you guys wait so long, all three of you will get signed DVD sets!). Here are Todd's comments:

And the WINNER IS.... Erik Sansom. And here's the reason. He took the world of WONDERFALLS to a new place. He created. He dared to bring his own voice to it. PERSONALLY: I actually would reverse Jaye's dialogue in frames one and two. But other than that I thought, hey, it's really well conceived, great art, and a terrific re-conception of the imagery he's seen on the show. Erik created something fresh from what he was given -- and that's always a great thing. I want to see WONDERFALLS in my color Sunday Comics! Great work.

1st RUNNER UP... Erik Redin. I'll call him Erik-2. I think Erik-2 has a terrific eye. The rendering is very lifelike. Very photo-real. The little kaleidoscope of "muses" rotating around Jaye portrays her dilemma very keenly. Great artistic "hand".

2nd RUNNER UP.... Kristine. And this was a tough call. Because Kristine's technique is almost exactly as keen as Erik-2's. And the medium seems very similar: graphite and white pencil on paper? And Kristine picked one of my very favorite shots from the pilot -- that two-shot at the end where Jaye and Eric are both looking at the Maid Fountain right before they step over to the falls...

But I had to choose. So there.

Thanks to one and all -- such a thrill to think the show inspires you to create your own art. You honor us with your passion. Thanks!
-Todd Holland

The "Get Your Words Out" contest

SaveWonderfalls team members Cranberry and Fox1013 narrowed these submissions down, and we sent our favorites to Wonderfalls co-creator Bryan Fuller. Unfortunately, Bryan has been extremely busy with several projects and hasn't gotten a chance to read over the top submissions yet. We're very sorry! Just so that you don't hate us, we will tell you that we have already spoken with the people whose submissions went on to Bryan... so if you haven't exchanged e-mails with us, sorry, it's not you. We enjoyed all of the submissions, though, and wish we had enough signed scripts for everyone!

The "I Love You!" contest

For all of her work on the upcoming site WhatIsWonderfalls and our two online stores, SaveWonderfalls' Cranberry and Buzztone's Ginger are pleased to present SaveWonderfalls forumite lucky with a signed DVD set!

Thank you to everyone who entered the contests -- we had a great time looking at all the art, reading all the stories, poems, and scripts, and scouring the forums for the best promoters. We're sorry it took five months a little while for us to get around to the judging, but we promise the winners that we'll get those prizes to you before five more months are up. All winners should have received an e-mail; if you didn't, please write to [email protected] and let us know. Thanks again!

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